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Chinese Tariff Recap and Summary

US and China are still negotiating.  Tariffs set to increase to 25% (List 3 below) on January 1, 2019, were postponed.  They are now set to increase on March 1, 2019 unless an agreement is reached.  There is talk that the March date might be postponed as well if President Trump and President Xi Jinping are scheduled to meet after the deadline.  


September 24, 2018 – US Implements 3rd Round of Tariffs At 10% – Could Increase to 25% on March 1, 2019

List 3 can be found here.

August 23, 2018 – US Implements 2nd Round of Tariffs At 25%

List 2 can be found here.

Five of the 284 items in the original list published on June 15 were removed, these being: alginic acid, splitting machines, containers, floating docks, and microtomes.

July 6, 2018 – US implements 1st Round of Tariffs At 25% 

List 1 can be found here.

March 23, 2018: US imposes a 25 percent tariff on all steel imports (except from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, and South Korea) and a 10 percent tariff on all aluminium imports (except from Argentina and Australia).