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We Stand On The Shoulders Of Our Great Founders

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Fred Whelan


Fred was a former JaxPort Trade Development Director bringing years of experience and expertise to Unit International .  He’s remembered as one who always liked a good joke.  Fred, you remain in our hearts.   R.I.P.

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Warren P. Powers

Founder and Current Owner

Warren built a national logistics firm which includes  Unit International .  Although “retired”, he still weighs in on the overall business and enjoys making peanut brittle for the team.

Team Members


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Nancy M. Powers

CEO, Licensed Customs Broker

Nancy has been in and around supply chain logistics nearly her whole life.  She values customer service, encourages excellence and instigates fun!

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Reid Purvis

President, Licensed Customs Broker

Reid has the expertise and experience to handle any import, export or freight forwarding situation. That’s why he’s called the mover and shaker!

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Beverly Hand

Licensed Customs Broker

Beverly is a U.S. licensed customs broker with years of experience. She enjoys the challenges each new day brings and handles them with a smile.

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Delaine Hughes

Licensed Customs Broker

Delaine has worked in the maritime industry for over 40 years and has seen many changes in that time. She enjoys the friends she’s made from around the world.

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Cindy Collins

Accounting Specialist

Cindy has been with Unit International the longest and brings a variety of experience to all aspects of the business. She has an infectious smile and huge heart!

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Amanda Hobbs

Amanda Hobbs

Import Specialist

Amanda has been in the import/export business for over 25 years.  Little know fact – Amanda was voted wittiest in her 8th grade yearbook. Yes indeed!

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Kylee Bryant

Kylee Thompson

Import Specialist

Kylee loves the global marketplace. She’s always on the lookout for entrepreneurs and new markets. She loves shopping and her fiancé..but not in that order.

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Marlene Calderon

Marlene Calderon

Import Specialist

Marlene loves the fast pace of U.S. imports.  She’s inquisitive, loves a challenge and enjoys a good adventure.  Danger you say?  Sign her up!

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Michelle Pacheco

Michelle Pacheco

Export Specialist

Michelle has been in the logistics maritime industry for over 12 years; She’s amazing at all aspects of logistics and loves helping customers.

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Paying It Forward


“If you can’t feed one hundred people, then feed just one.” Mother Teresa

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